Listed below are the 3 key consultations that Applied Behavioral Concepts takes for the teacher to gain information for therapy and to inform the families of the progress on their child’s behavior.


Consultation time is set aside for families to discuss behaviors, goals, implementation techniques and other issues pertinent to their child’s progress. Consultations are required to begin a program and discussed periodically throughout. Frequency is dependent upon the number of hours of therapy the child receives. Phone consultations may be scheduled if there are location and/or time constraints and are billed at the same rate.


Observation in a school/preschool setting is available in one or two hour increments. Often families will request an observation to pinpoint any additional need for services/training for their child in the school setting. Observations will be followed up with a consultation. Observations are done on-site and may include video reviews of additional therapies.

IEP/Goal Preparation

Goal Preparation is designed to provide families with additional help on selecting goals for their child to be included in a school education plan. One 2 hour observation and one family consultation is included. This does not include attendance at IEP meetings.