Therapy & Social Skills

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is the use of multiple techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. Applied Behavioral Concepts utilizes these principles to teach and support children through a variety of settings and situations to fully generalize all skills, both educational and social. ABA therapy is the only therapy proven to be effective for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Surgeon General, as well as other experts who work with special needs children. ABA therapy is used to modify various forms of behavior and the overall principle of manipulating stimuli surrounding a behavior. These such behaviors can affect the development of language, socialization, and daily living skills.

Listed below are ABA therapies that have proven to be effective for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. These are our weekly options available depending on your child’s needs, all of which are held in a daily classroom setting. We offer assessments, parent training and individual goals and objectives for each child. Total hours needed will be a team decision between parents, behavioral technicians, and teachers. Regular meetings with a consultant are included.


Discrete Trial Therapy (DTT) is the most common form of treatment associated with Autism. This is a highly structured method of simplified teaching skills. The key to teaching using this method is breaking down each skill into component parts, teaching each component intensively and systematically (using prompts when and where necessary) and consistently using reinforcements to increase the likelihood of the child learning the skill.

  • 12 – 20 hours per week
    For children who are ready to participate in a classroom environment.
    Hours are 8am – 12pm Mon – Fri.
  • 30 hours per week
    One-on-one support readily available specialized for the child’s individual deficits as well as classroom behavioral strategies
    Hours are 8am – 2pm Mon – Fri.



Natural Environment Teaching (NET) strategies are recommended for children with Pervasive Development Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This focuses on providing and creating opportunities that increase the child’s motivation to use language in a natural setting. This type of strategy is all about naturalistic “learning through play” and positive reinforcement.

  • 12 hours per week
    Behavioral support and training in the classroom until the end of the day.
    Hours are 2pm – 5:00pm Mon – Fri.
  • 20 – 30 hours per week
    Shadowing to provide support in the classroom. Skills to prepare for Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
    Hours are 8am – 12pm Mon – Fri.



Social Skills are offered as an after school program and are designed to provide support and structure for school-aged children. Individualized teaching/learning strategies enhance the after school experience. Social and leisure activities are taught in a small group setting.

  • Hours are typically 2:30pm – 5:00pm Mon – Fri.